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About us

A brief introduction about the new DC

Founded in 1995, DataCheck, now DC, has established itself as a clear leader of competitive media intelligence in Latin America and Pan Regionally. Its portfolio encompasses a wide array of powerful tracking tools for verifying carriage of advertising materials and syndicated programs via its proprietary services that include ProgramCheck, ProgramAlert, SpotCheck, ScheduleCheck and the newly launched state-of-the-art SpendCheck+.

Today the company’s product offerings include content verification, program runs management, commercial tracking, advertising expenditures and creative copy. Monitoring capabilities cover both pay television and over-the-air stations.


Services we offer to our Clients

Provides competitive media intelligence based on investment and occurrences of advertising across the most important TV channels in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. It allows media companies, media agencies and advertisers make timely and strategic decisions to improve their competitive strategies.

Content Management

Solutions monitoring and verification of content distribution through three solutions: ProgramCheck, ProgramAlert, ScheduleCheck allowing content distributors to protect their assets and increase their revenue streams.

Custom Solutions

DC serves as an arm for research and strategy departments providing customized reports and presentations on market elasticity, media efficiencies, market trends, branded content campaigns, among others.

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