Warner Bros. Renews Commitment to DataCheck
Warner Bros. renews its commitment to DataCheck USA’s SpendCheck® and ProgramAlert®

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MIAMI, June 27, 2008 – DataCheck USA, announced that one of the leading pay television networks in the region, Warner Channel, as well as the distribution division Warner Bros. International TV Distribution, Inc. have once again renewed their commitment for two of DataCheck’s leading competitive and runs reconciliation services in Latin America, SpendCheck® and ProgramAlert. The multi-year agreement gives Warner Bros. access to the industry’s most comprehensive database of competitive advertising information and intellectual property tracking.

While SpendCheck tracks advertiser’s activity and spending across 70+ categories for pay TV in the markets of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela, ProgramAlert provides program runs reconciliation of the Studio’s properties in key Latin American markets.
“We are delighted that two Warner Bros. companies have renewed their commitment which highlights the multiple benefits that our services provide. “Our goal is to provide services that allow our clients to increase revenue generation streams, protect their intellectual property, and facilitate the continued growth of the cable and broadcast industry in Latin America.” said Lourdes Espinoza, President of DataCheck.
“DataCheck has made major investments in platform software conversions and digital technology that will allow us to quickly respond to our client needs as the industry moves to multiple digital platforms.” added Espinoza.

“SpendCheck has proven to be an invaluable service and extremely useful intelligence tool which has enhanced Warner Channel’s sales strategies throughout the Region”, said Alexandra Barrera, Sr. Research Manager. “The DataCheck services and Client Services represent a strong commitment to provide quality intelligence and the essential customer support needed to succeed in this competitive market place.”

“The commitment by Warner Bros. attests to DataCheck’s reputation as a trusted resource for the advertising and distribution industry in the region”, concluded Lourdes Espinoza, President of DataCheck.

About DataCheck USA
DataCheck USA is Latin America’s premier media intelligence firm offering competitive activity data with SpendCheck, ad verification with SpotCheck, and program monitoring with ProgramCheck and ProgramAlert to media and entertainment companies involved in the broadcast and cable television industries. DCUSA offers innovative on-line reporting functionality allowing clients to easily analyze data from 39 in-country “monitoring sites” that capture, review and analyze content on more than 65-over-the-air stations and 52 cable networks in 14 different markets. For more information, log onto www.datacheckusa.com

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